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Time (the most valuable resource)

It’s an age-old problem, so it makes sense that as we build our business platform, the need would arise to address it. Time-tracking has been an essential part of business technology since we started solving business problems with technology. Building tech to help track where your team is spending their time started IBM (way back in 1911) and arguably led to the whole technological age that we’re living through now. Oldschool IBM Time-tracking Technology I’ll be following up with another post that goes into all the gory details about the new feature addition and how to make the most of it, but for now, I want to go a little more high-level and explain the why and where it’s heading. When we build solutions, we try to mirror how people work in the real world. We design each new piece of our product to enhance how you already get things done without slowing you down. One of the biggest challenges we often face is how to easily capture data with minimal interruption to the end-users’ workflow. Once we have that data though, we’re able to gather and present all sorts of valuable insight into how your team is working, what progress they’re making, and where they’re getting stuck. With an increasingly remote workforce these days, most teams are not in the same office or even the same country at times. So staying on top of who is doing what and when becomes an essential part of any business productivity solution. If you break down any time-tracking solution, you usually have 2 main components: the widget for capturing clock in/outs, and the place to view the data that’s been captured. We quickly realized that anyone tracking time needs immediate access to the widget from anywhere within the app, so we decided to add it to the action bar, replacing the “My Projects” button. Our Time Keeping Widget For viewing the time that has been tracked, we decided the most obvious place would be on the project, showing all of the different users and time entries tracked against it, and on the user page, showing any time entries for various projects that a specific user has worked on. Our Time Keeping Logs We’ve built the feature to scale so that, over time, we’ll be able to easily add additional reports as we find new use cases for the data, and streamline how that data is captured as we gather more feedback from our users. If you have any ideas or feedback for how we can improve the usability and usefulness of time-keeping in Adapify, leave us a comment below!
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