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In the pipes and on the way!

We here at We Evolve Us have gotten used to the constant barrage of feature updates and bug fixes. I would say that on average we usually push up a wave of improvements about once a week or so. So this week I’m going to give you a little insight into some of the things we’ve been working on and how it will affect your business on Adapify. So with out further ado here is the list of big things coming soon that our development team has been hammering away at. Notifications Settings: This was one that had been requested for a little while now, initially from our own team internally and then again from our customers as they were using the product. We started off with going very much on the conservative side of when push notifications are sent out, but as the platform gets more mature we will definitely need this piece to allow users the ability to control when they receive notification and which things they receive notifications for. This update will provide users with the granular control over what then are alerted of and when.
Notifications Part II: This was also a big improvement to some of things that had been bugging me since we pushed up the notifications feature a few months ago. Currently if you receive a push notification its there in your system tray or it pops into your app screen for a minute then once you dismiss it or tap it to navigate to the content that generated the alert, it’s gone forever with no way of getting it back. This update will be adding a notification tray to the action bar and from there you’ll be able to see any new notifications that you received and view them at your leisure. Time-Tracking Update: We added the time keeping feature for our first business customer that adopted the platform. It initially only existed on projects and was a little bit of a pain to get to. You would first have to locate the project you want to track time against, navigate to it’s time-tracking tab, and then finally you could clock in, and if you wanted to clock out you’d have to follow the same process. Now it will be moving to the action bar and it’s project association will no longer be required. This should make it a lot more convenient to track time against projects, tasks, or for anything else you’re working on.
Voice and Video Messaging in Chat: This has been one of those features that I personally have been really excited about. This is a huge deal and I would say that it puts us ahead of what any of our competitors are currently doing in the space. When we were initially working on the concept I thought about all of the different messaging platform that I uses on my mobile device and what make the best of great. There will be a lot more details about this one coming as we get closer to release but for now I’ll just say it’s awesome and will likely be a game changer for how we and our customers use the apps. Dashboard Rebuild: This is also going to be a major overhaul for how the application works and how intuitive it is out of the box. This one is still in the early concept / design stages and may change significantly along the way before it’s finally pushed up. We will be working very closely with our existing business customers to build the this out to solve a lot of the ease of use problems in a way that is simple, intuitive, extendable and scale-able. More to come with that as we get further along.
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