We Evolve Us | Details of the Time Tracking Feature
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Details of the Time Tracking Feature

The Time Keeping Widget
The Time Keeping Widget found in the action bar allows users to quickly and easily track time.
You can optionally track time against a project and it will be included in the project’s Timelogs.
You can also optionally add notes to your time log entry here. The click the Clock In button when you’re ready to start working.
Once you’ve clicked Clock In the timer will start and continue until you click the Clock Out button.
Once you click the Clock Out button the Timelog entry is submitted and the Time Tracking Widget is cleared then ready for use again. NOTE: Some app specific customization may prompt users for additional information on Clock Out events.

Timelogs and Time Tracking Reports You can find Time Tracking reports on user profiles and projects under the Timelogs tab.
The Project Timelogs show all of the timelog entries associated with a project and a bar graph showing the most active users on the project and how many hours each has contributed respectively.
The User Timelogs Tab contains a similar table showing all timelogs for that user and a line chart showing the number of hours work over the last 7 days.
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